Solara™ Heating Unit

Solara™ Heating Unit

Engineered for maximum heating capacity in extremely cold climates.

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Category: Trailer refrigeration
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Features and Benefits

  • A trailer heating system specially designed to protect cargo transported in extreme low-ambient climates by heating cargo above a specified minimum temperature.
  • The Solara™ unit delivers a full 50,000 BTU of heat and 3,200 CFM of airflow for premium cargo protection in today's longer, wider thinwall trailers.
  • Known for high performance, long life, and low maintenance, the Carrier CT2-29 engine also delivers more power output, maximum fuel economy and cleaner emissions.
  • Carrier's microprocessor system features virtually automatic operation and is incredibly easy to use.
  • Strategic up-front placement of serviceable components and a convenient swing-open, lift-off front door provide immediate access for faster, easier servicing and low-cost maintenance.

Performance Specifications

Dimensions: Parenthetical dimensions are metric (mm).

Evaporator / Radiator widths:
36.00" (914)

Approximate Weights:
NDH: 440 lb (200 kg) with structural steel frame
Battery: 50 lb (23 kg)