Vector™ 8100

Vector™ 8100

No diesel emissions, no engine noise, and no fuel consumption from our next-generation cold storage solution.

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Category: Trailer refrigeration
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Features and Benefits

  • Engineless temperature control. Built to provide stationary cold storage, the engineless Vector™ 8100 all-electric trailer refrigeration unit consumes less electricity while delivering up to 4 percent higher capacity than the model it succeeds. Electric heating produces maximum heating and quick defrosts regardless of the outdoor ambient temperature.
  • Economical storage solution. Eliminates the cost and weight of the onboard power plant needed for highway hauls – the diesel engine and high-capacity generator used in other Vector units.
  • Improved performance. Consumes up to 20 percent less electricity than the unit it succeeds, achieving 15 to 25 percent more BTU of cooling per kilowatt.
  • Advanced design. The APX™ control system with integrated data recorder combines sophisticated temperature management with easy operation. Employs same microchannel condenser coil, low noise vortex suppression condenser fans and fully sealed electric scroll compressor common to Vector line.
  • TRU Demand™ energy management logic. Efficiently regulates power draw to save energy costs. Built-in brown out protection keeps the unit running during low voltage conditions and in the event of an outage, stagger-start logic avoids a massive draw on the grid by preventing multiple units from starting simultaneously when the power returns.
  • Environmentally sustainable. With no diesel engine emissions, the Vector 8100 provides a lower carbon footprint and an extremely quiet solution for operations with residential neighbors sensitive to diesel engine noise.

Performance Specifications

Condenser Dimensions
76.4" x 85.7" x 22.8"
(1,940 x 2,176 x 579 mm)

Evaporator Dimensions
66.3" x 45.2" x 8.2"
(1,684 x 1,149 x 280 mm)

Body Opening
66.8" x 46.0" (1,696 x 1,168 mm)

Approximate Weight
1,150 lb. (520 kg) including electric standby
Battery: 50 lb. (23 kg)

Cooling Capacity
Ambient at 100°F (38°C)