X4™ 7500

X4™ 7500

The new industry standard for high refrigeration capacity and exceptional temperature control.

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Category: Trailer refrigeration
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Features and Benefits:

  • The X4™ Series. Built upon the proven X2™ platform, the X4 7500 unit sets the bar even higher as the new industry standard for refrigeration performance and efficiency.
  • Higher capacity. The model 7500 establishes the benchmark for extreme performance – up to 68,000 BTUs of cooling at AHRI rating conditions. It delivers fast pulldown, precise temperature control and peace of mind for the most demanding applications.
  • Ultra high efficiency. EcoFORWARD™ technologies deliver significant fuel savings as well as higher performance, achieving 35 to 50 percent more BTUs of cooling per gallon of fuel.
  • Compliance plus. The unit provides compliance with 2013 EPA Tier 4 emissions regulations, while also improving operational efficiencies and performance.
  • Proven reliability. The enhanced platform now includes proven high efficiency components from our Vector™ series and an industry leading warranty for dependability and peace of mind.
  • APX™ control system. The modular APX system combines remarkable control intelligence, temperature control and system reliability with amazingly simple operation.
  • Lower cost of ownership. Combining innovative engineering with a straightforward, practical design means less fuel consumption, reduced engine run hours, and lower maintenance costs.

Performance Specifications

Condenser Dimensions
76.4" x 85.7" x 22.8"
(1,940 x 2,176 x 579 mm)

Evaporator Dimensions
66.3" x 45.2" x 8.2"
(1,684 x 1,149 x 280 mm)

Body Opening
66.8" x 46.0"
(1,696 x 1,168 mm)

Approximate Weight
1,620 lb. (735 kg)
Remote 50-gallon aluminum fuel tank with mounting brackets: 65 lb. (29 kg)
Battery: 50 lb. (23 kg)

Cooling Capacity
Ambient at 100°F (38°C)