PowerLINE UG15 Tier 4

PowerLINE UG15 Tier 4

Carrier Transicold’s newest PowerLINE generator sets with ecoFORWARD™ technologies

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Carrier Transicold’s newest PowerLINE generator sets with ecoFORWARD™ technologies comply with EPA Tier 4 and CARB emissions requirements:
  • Industry standard, proven 2.2-liter diesel engine.
  • Ultra High efficiency permanent magnet generator reduces power required from the engine and saves fuel.
  • FuelWise™ two-speed functionality built in, for up to 34% fuel savings versus previous standard units.
  • Black box controller determines when to automatically switch speeds, while delivering requisite power and voltage for refrigeration unit operation.
  • Factory or field installable engine emissions system (EES) option for 7-year in-use CARB compliance increases compliance flexibility.
  • Simple, robust design, with familiar operations and maintenance.
Simply put, PowerLINE gen sets offer efficient, environmentally sound and compliant innovations, punctuated by an incredibly familiar design.

Features and benefits

  • Proven 2.2-liter diesel 18.5 KW engine EPA Tier4 certified, with electronic governor.
  • A new ultra-high-efficiency 15 kW custom-designed permanent magnet generator (PMG) that pushes efficiency well beyond conventional generators.
  • Standard implementation of enhanced FuelWise™ functionality, a fuel-saving technology that automatically switches the generator set between two speeds via a simple black box controller.
  • An optional engine emissions system (EES) for compliance with the ultra-low emissions standard of the California Air Resources Board (CARB). Factory or field install.
  • 68, 50, 80 gallon tank option.
  • Standard four-point mounting or our exclusive QuickMount™ option.
  • Frame and sheet metal components powder-coated for durability and superior corrosion protection.
  • Carrier full-flow spin-on oil filter with internal bypass filtration is standard in all units and extends service intervals.
  • Integral fuel filter with water separator.
  • Fuel heater/Fuel warmer.
  • External In-line fuel strainer with clear bowl.
  • High-efficiency air cleaner (standard dry element, optional oil bath).
  • Self-tensioning, flexible, Poly V belt
  • Stainless steel exhaust.
  • Patented E-coat tube and fin radiator.
  • 12V DC maintenance-free battery and solid state battery charger.
  • Safety stop controls for low oil pressure, high water temperature.
  • Large oil pan capacity extends running hours between oil changes.

Technical details

Ambient temperature range:
1. Structure                      -40 to +52°C    (-40 to +125°F)
2. Operation  - Start        -26 to +52°C    (-15 to +125°F)
2. Operation  - Run         -40 to +52°C    (-40 to +125°F)

Functionality - The UG provides a full 15kW output to power ISO reefer containers.

Approximate Weights:
692 kg (1,525 lb.) with 50-gallon integral steel tank, less fuel
660 kg (1,455 lb.) with 50-gallon integral aluminum tank, less fuel
703 kg (1,580 lb.) with 68-gallon integral fuel tank, less fuel
687 kg (1,515 lb.) with 80-gallon integral aluminum tank, less fuel