natural refrigerant technology for container refrigeration.

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The first and only technology of its kind, the NaturaLINE™ reefer unit incorporates CO2 in place of conventional synthetic refrigerants to deliver sustainability and efficiency equal to our best-in-class performer.

This natural refrigerant-based solution is the most environmentally sustainable alternative for refrigerated marine transport. It’s the future of container refrigeration – brought to you by the natural Leaders at Carrier.

  • Global warming potential (GWP) of 1
  • Power consumption comparable to Carrier’s best-in-class performer
  • Best-in-class carbon footprint
  • No CO2 refrigerant tax
  • No intermediate refrigerant step
  • Familiar controls and maintenance
  • Global support from Carrier

NaturaLINE™ means new technology

  • Uses carbon dioxide (CO2 ) as a natural refrigerant and has Global Warming Potential (GWP) of 1.

  • Multi-Stage Compressor - NaturaLINE’s design makes use of an exclusive, new multi-stage compressor that maximizes capacity while minimizing power consumption.

  • Variable-Speed Drive - A custom-designed variable-speed drive electronically adjusts compressor speed to provide the precise amount of cooling capacity when needed.

  • Gas Cooler Coil - Compact and lightweight by design, the gas cooler coil wraps around the fan to maximize heat-transfer surface area for greater efficiency.

  • Flash Tank - For efficient cooling performance, the flash tank manages the flow and phase change of the refrigerant after leaving the gas cooler.

  • Two-Speed Fans - The NaturaLINE unit’s evaporator and gas cooler use two-speed fans, offering greater versatility and energy-saving performance.

  • Advanced Operating Software - The NaturaLINE unit’s operating software has been reengineered to manage its unique mechanical system, providing the same easy-to-use Micro-Link® 3 control interface found throughout our container lineup.

  • Zero-GWP Foam - The polyurethane foam blowing agent technology used in the NaturaLINE unit has high insulation properties without contributing to GWP.

  • For long-life and corrosion resistance, the gas cooler takes advantage of Carrier’s patented e-coat technology, and the compressor, flash tank, and filter drier have aluminized coatings.